Top 9 Great Quality Projectors under $100 – Projector Buying Guide 2020

The projector is the latest and advanced tool of multimedia that can be accessible by all. Several different types of projectors are available now in the market. All these projectors have exceptional features and technical characteristics.

Sometimes it becomes a big challenge for buyers to select the most suitable one among this lot. The online market has been introducing more products now that outperform each other in varying features. The buyer needs to be clear about the need, purpose, and choice of the projector to obtain. Then the selection process can be narrowed down to buy Best Projector Under 100. The usual purposes are to play games and to watch movies, as an alternative to the TV, and to display presentations in the office.

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Things to consider before buying a Projector

The following aspects need to be considered before selecting a reliable, durable and quality-oriented projector.

  • The Scope Of Application – Whether this projector is meant for domestic entertainment or official purpose. It can be a portable one to carry along during the holiday trips.
  • The Number Of Matrix Pixels – The resolution of the device determines the displaying level of the clarity and quality of the image. The image that appears on the screen in the real or native resolution is one kind. The other one is the maximum resolution that converts the incoming signals to an image that appears on the screen. These two features need to be considered vital while selecting the projector.
  • Light Output – The brightness is represented in the units of luminous flux that are measured in lumens. The other factor that needs attention is image contrast and 3D support along with the availability of special inputs and the life of the lamp.

If one is ready with the decision of features that are required in the projector that is to be bought, then the selection of the most suitable model is easy to find the Best Projector Under 100. Here are some outstanding projectors described along with their features to make the selection easy and effective. 

List of Best Projectors Under 100

 1. Hausbell Mini Projector Portable

This is a great option as Home Cinema Theater and can be used both for domestic purposes and for travel. The screen resolution of this model is 800*600. It has a clear image of its 220-inch screen. This tool helps to enjoy movies and sports events. This functions the best in the darkroom. It has a USB-port and a slot for an SD-card. This can be used for watching documents or for presentations. It is compact and portable to carry along.

2. Tenker Q5 with 1,500 lumens LED 

This is very significant in having a light output of 1,500 lumens. This can be used both in the dark and bright areas due to its brightness. The resolution is 1920*1080 and it enables to get the best pleasure of watching films and playing video games. The laptop, Smartphone, and PC can be connected to this device. It has a USB port along with a slot for the SD card. It needs no WiFi connection.

3. GooDee Mini Portable Projector 1,800 lumens

It can display images both in the dark and lighted area. This can be useful both for domestic and official purposes. The image ratio is 800*480 pixels. The screen size is 50-130 inches. The design has an elongated shape and is easy to install on a cabinet or to fix to the ceiling. It is compact and can be easily moved around. It can be connected to devices like TV, Tablet, Smartphone. It has a powerful speaker.

4. Ragu Z400 1,600 lumens

This device has a small weight and dimensions for easy transport. It functions better in a dark room. The resolution is 800*400. The displayed image is bright with color contours. The screen size is 90 inches and it has a powerful cooling system. Less noise and other innovative features are its specialties. It has a USB port along with a slot for SD-card.

5. Meyoung TC80 LED

It has a stylish bright design that is very attractive. The output of the light is 1,200 lumens. The resolution is 800*480. It contains a USB port and a slot for SD. It has a powerful built-in amplifier and can be connected to several devices like TV, DVD, PC, Laptop, etc. It supports all media files like videos, music, and documents.

6. FUNAVO 1,500 Lumens LED Portable Mini Projector

It has a resolution of 800*480 pixels and has the brightness of 1,500 lumens. It provides a better image than other contemporary products. It has versatile functions and can be connected to many usual devices like PC, TV, etc. The enhanced lamp design gives energy efficient requiring less energy.

7. Cibest 2,000 Lumens Video Projector Multimedia

This piece is ideal for domestic purposes with a resolution of 800*480 pixels. It is much brighter than other LED projectors. The facility for the USB port and an SD-card slot is available.

8. Tenker RD805 Mini Projector

It is a compact model and has mid-level functions suiting best for domestic purposes having a resolution of 800*480 pixels. The brightness is 1,200 lumens. It can be connected to all regular devices such as TV, PC, etc. The WiFi adaptor is required to have a connection with the wireless network.

 9. DOACEHD 1080P Video Projector

It is least expensive and having lower product specifications with 800*480 pixels resolution. It is good for simple and domestic watching purposes. It has the brightness of 1,500 lumens and can be connected to any usual device such as TV, DVD player, etc. It needs a WiFI adaptor for wireless connection.

It is easy now to select the Best Projector Under 100 after going through the specifications and the features of the above products. Each has its uniqueness and is suitable for specific purposes. Now, this makes the selection of the most suitable projector easy.

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